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Core Features

Our core features are included in all our products and subscription plans.

CRICOS and ESOS Compliant

A comprehensive set of features and tools that will help you stay on top of your CRICOS and ESOS compliance.

Load Prisms Visa & CoE data

Update your CoE and Visa details in bulk to assist with SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) and GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) monitoring.

Advanced Attendance Monitoring

Issue, notify and track attendance warnings for your students.

Class Scheduling and Attendance

A powerful set of features for class scheduling and attendance management.

Multi-company / Multi-Location / Multi-Faculty / Multi-program enabled

Flexible yet powerful features to manage your multiple colleges, campuses, and faculties. eBECAS is ready to support your growth out-of-the-box.

Advanced Reporting

Data accessibility is at the core of eBECAS. Export filtered data as you see it using our powerful grids or use any of our more than 80 reports to easily access your data. If you need more powerful reporting, use our integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Agent Management

Build stronger relationships with agents with our built-in features including financials, billing, performance, contact management and comprehensive agent-related reporting.

Pathways Management

Support your students in their academic journey. Monitor their progress and entry process to their future studies at other institutions.

Integrated Financials

Benefit from our 360 degrees approach to your financials. Student, agent, homestay accounts, scheduled payments, invoices, receipting, credits, debits, revenue calculated by day, forecasts and much more.

Payment Plans / Instalments

Offer payment plans to your students. Create and monitor easily invoices and payments based on multiple instalments.

Student Accommodation (E.g. Homestay), Airport Transfers, and Insurance

Manage the entire process for the students’ accommodation. Schedule placement and billing. Schedule payments for accommodation providers (E.g. Homestay), airport transfers and insurance providers.

Homestay Providers Management

Build stronger relationships with your homestay providers with our built-in features including profiles, family members, notes, documents, financials, billing and much more.

Document Generation

Generate documents, individually and in bulk, using flexible yet powerful templates. Create templates using Microsoft Word.

Document Repository

Store safely and securely your documents for your Students, Agents and Homestay providers. Your documents are stored safely in the cloud so you can access them at anytime.

Security and Access control

Powerful and easy to use permissions to control the access to different functions and components on the system.

Data Isolation / Dedicated Database

Each college database is hosted online in a separate database for complete isolation

Daily Backups

Your data is always safe and a back-up is always ready for a disaster recovery.

Standard Support

We are ready to answer your questions and provide support when you need it. We will respond within 1-3 business days to your enquiries. If you need faster and more personalised support, you can add our ‘premium support’ to your subscription.

SMS & Email Contact

Send SMS and Emails individually or in bulk using predefined templates.

Student Surveys

Monitor your quality and student satisfaction with student surveys. You can create your own or use a pre-built one (AQTF Satisfaction Survey).

Powerful integrations

eBECAS integrates nicely with other systems saving your college time and costs. See our integrations page for more details.

Online Payments

Accept online payments for overseas credit cards and record the payments automatically in eBECAS.

Language (ELICOS) Features

All our core features plus:

Progressive Classing for Rolling Intakes

Progressive class allocation based in levels with weekly allocation changes. The weekly history of the classes and schedules are available for reference.

Progressive Results

Enter and monitor the student’s results and progress for multiple sessions on a weekly basis.

Schedule Future Classing

Benefit from our future classing functionality. Plan and allocate students, teachers, and classrooms for classes in the future.

User Friendly and Efficient Class Allocation

Allocating students to classes can be laborious and time-consuming but it is not with our drag and drop functionality.

Vocational (VET) Features

All our core features plus:

USI (Unique Student Identifier)

Validate individually or in Bulk, and Generate USIs for your students directly from eBECAS.


Collect everything required for AVETMISS reporting in one place. Submit AVETMISS returns to all States for domestic funded and non-funded programs and submit overseas students VET results to NCVER.


Create classes based in subjects for a period or semester.

Training Outcomes

Enter and edit VET results and outcomes individually or in bulk. Create Training Patterns (blueprints) for different Contracts and delivery types.

VET Study Loans (VSL) / TCSI (Add-on)

Collect all the data required for VET Study Loans/TCSI in one place with a powerful set of features that will help you stay on top of your compliance and reporting obligations.

Course Management

Import the report-ready scope for your programs and set up the programs with multiple delivery options.

Flexible Pricing

Price your programs by subject, unit of studies, duration or programs.

Foundation Features

All our core features plus:


Create classes based in subjects for a period or semester.

Flexible Pricing

Price your programs by subject, unit of studies, duration or programs.

USI (Unique Student Identifier)

Validate individually or in Bulk, and Generate USIs for your students directly from eBECAS.


Want event more? Upgrade your subscription with the following add-ons.

Premium Support

With our premium support your enquiries will be prioritised, and we will respond within 1-8 business hours. We will also provide personalised support by sending you short videos (when relevant) with screen recordings to resolve your enquiries faster.

Student Online Portal

An online portal that is branded with your college logo and allows your students to access their academic information (classes, schedule, attendance, results, news and more) and communicate with your college (send/receive messages and documents). Students will also be able (optional) to see their invoices, payment status and even pay for their invoices online.

Teachers/Trainer Portal

An online portal that is branded with your college logo and allows your teachers and trainers to access their class schedule, see the students in their classes, mark their attendance, enter results, upload documents and communicate with their students.

Agent Online Portal

Give access to your agents to submit applications that are entered automatically into your eBECAS system, saving you and them time and costs. Agents will also see the invoices for their students and payment status.


While eBECAS has a broad and comprehensive set of features, we understand every college is unique and sometimes might need to integrate with other systems. Use our integrations to supercharge the efficiencies of your institution.


Use an isolated environment without compromising your live data. Useful for training and test purposes. Also, get access to our latest releases before they become available on your production environment.

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