Introducing eBECAS Next Generation

Where Efficiency Meets Innovation

Designed with the unique needs of each institution in mind, eBECAS Next Generation offers
unparalleled customisation because no two colleges are the same. 

Focused on efficiency, it ensures that your administrative tasks are handled swiftly and seamlessly, 
allowing your institution to focus on what truly matters – inspiring and educating students.


Language (ELICOS)

ELICOS colleges benefit from eBECAS robust, flexible, compliant and comprehensive features.

  • CRICOS and ESOS compliant
  • Progressive classing for rolling intakes
  • Advanced Attendance Monitoring
  • Agents management including financials
  • Pathways management
  • 360° financials
  • and much more...
Vocational (VET)

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) use eBECAS to manage efficiently their VET operations for domestic and international students.

  • USI and AVETMISS compliant
  • Units of Study and subjects support
  • Assessments, results and outcomes
  • Payment plans/instalments support
  • 360° financials
  • and much more...

Universities and foundation program providers use eBECAS to manage their foundation business units.

  • CRICOS compliant
  • Classes based in subjects for periods or semesters
  • Assessments and results
  • Advanced attendance monitoring
  • Pathways Management
  • 360° financials
  • and much more...
No workarounds

A System Ready to support your growth

One or multiple colleges? No problem! eBECAS lets you manage all your colleges in the same system

One or more campuses in different locations? eBECAS supports multiple locations out-of-the box

Group your programs in different faculties for easy management. eBECAS adapts to your needs!

  • Classing and Attendance
  • Results and Assessments
  • Extended Financials
  • Pathways Management
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • VSL and TCSI
  • Agent Management
From Enquiry to Graduation

Everything your College Needs in One System

Every feature in eBECAS is powerful but the real magic happens when you use them together.


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