Next Generation

Where efficiency
meets innovation

eBECAS Next Generation (NextGen) brings new features to enhance the tasks you do every day. 

Improve your work efficiency like never before, and experience another level of innovation.

Unparalleled Accessibility and Performance

100% Web-Based

NextGen is 100% web-based, ensuring seamless access from any device, anywhere.
optimal performance whether you’re at your desk or on the go.
Plus, our mobile-friendly design ensures a smooth experience on your smartphone or tablet.

Uninterrupted Productivity​

Introducing Processes

No more waiting around for time-consuming tasks to finish. 

With Processes, long-performing tasks, such as bulk messages, happen seamlessly in the background, allowing users to continue using the application without interruptions. 

Once the task is complete, users receive notifications, keeping them informed every step of the way. 

A Truly Personalised Experience​

Custom Fields

With over 20 different types to choose from, including numbers, currency, single select, multi-select, rich text, and more, collecting the information you need has never been easier. 

Custom Layouts

Benefit from the profile-based layout customization where each staff member can enjoy a personalized interface designed specifically for their job. 

Custom Views

Save time on repetitive tasks by storing your own grid settings, including filters and sorting, as reusable Views

We’ve also added a new, robust filter tool for creating advanced filters, giving you unparalleled control over your data. Streamline your workflow, maximize efficiency, and conquer complexity with our enhanced grid capabilities. 

Supercharge Your Productivity with Flows

Now, you can effortlessly create custom actions that respond automatically to user interactions. Whether it’s triggering notifications or updating records, ‘Flows’ puts efficiency on autopilot. 


Unleash your creativity with our revamped template engine!

Our app introduces a new cutting-edge template engine, empowering users to craft stunning documents, emails, and SMS right from their browser. 

With enhanced power and flexibility, it’s easier than ever to design templates that match your unique style and branding. 

There’s more! Now, users can create their own grids with custom formats, elevating flexibility to new heights. 

Elevate your communication game with our revamped messaging system!

Now, users can send emails within the app to different recipients, including agents in an offer, while also providing the flexibility to CC and BCC other recipients, both internal and external. 

But that’s not all – our latest enhancement also allows users to attach multiple templates to their emails, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency in messaging.  

Moreover, if you need to send a quick, personalized SMS you can load a pre-saved template, make any necessary adjustments, and send it immediately, to a single or multiple recipients.  

Stay in the Loop with In-App Notifications

Our app keeps you informed with timely updates delivered right within the application. Whether it’s important reminders or new messages, never miss a beat with in-app notifications. 

Stay connected, stay informed, and stay on top of your game with our seamless notification system. 


Unlock Endless Possibilities with Apps

Now, users can seamlessly extend system functionality and integrate with external systems using apps.

Say goodbye to limitations and hello to customized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether it’s integrating with third-party tools or enhancing system capabilities, our apps empower you to do more than ever before.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Custom Online Forms

Seamlessly create and publish custom forms tailored to your needs. Whether it’s an application form or a simple contact form, our CRM App has you covered. 

Supercharge Your Sales Workflows

Take control of your sales pipeline with built-in leads and opportunities management features. Effortlessly convert leads into students and opportunities into offers with just a few clicks, streamlining your workflow for maximum efficiency.


Gain Financial Clarity at a Glance!

NextGen brings financial details front and centre. Now, users can easily access key financial metrics directly on the page. From offer details to agent performance, stay on top of your finances effortlessly with our in-page financial insights. 

Streamline Your File Management

Experience seamless file management like never before with our multi-file upload feature. eBECAS Next Generation supports multiple files upload simultaneously. 

But that is not all, now users can easily identify the source of the document. Whether uploaded by a user, generated through our merge process, or used as an email attachment, each document’s source is clearly labelled for effortless tracking. 

Find answers in an instant

Get the assistance you need, precisely when you need it, with our convenient In-App Help Centre widget.

Capture the full story with ease: Notes

Seamlessly document important details, progress updates, or key insights directly within each record. With the ability to attach rich text notes, you’ll never miss a beat. 

Go Global

NextGen is fully equipped for internationalization, effortlessly adapting date and number formats to suit each user’s regional preferences.  



Protect your data

with multi-factor authentication.

Safeguard your sensitive information with an additional layer of verification, ensuring only authorized users gain access. With multi-factor authentication, your data remains secure even in the face of potential threats. 

And Much more Coming to Next Generation...