Power BI Integration

Become a data-driven business

Ingest your eBECAS data into Power BI with our custom connector and bridge the gap between data and actions.

With our custom connector, you can seamlessly automate your reporting processes and take advantage of all the features that Power BI, the market leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence, has to offer.

Why integrate eBECAS with Power BI:

  • Have one source of truth for your data. 
  • Centralise your eBECAS reports (marketing, financials, operations etc) in one place.
  • Use enterprise features for visualisation and insights.
  • Automate your reporting pipeline.
  • Collaborate on the creation and maintenance of reports.
  • Share your reports and dashboards using your existing tools (E.g Microsoft Teams).
  • Integrate your eBECAS data with your other systems in Power BI.
  • Access your data with Power BI mobile apps.
  • Set up alerts if your metrics cross defined thresholds.
  • Use Power BI in-built machine learning capabilities with your eBECAS data.
  • Subscribe to reports and receive snapshots of your data automatically by email.


What our Power BI connector lets you do:

  • Handle the connection and authentication with the eBECAS Report Services.
  • Choose from more than 30 eBECAS reports to ingest the data from within Power BI without coding. 
  • Manage the reports’ parameters from the eBECAS client without getting into complex coding in Power BI. 
  • Refresh the eBECAS datasets manually and automatically from the Power BI Service.
  • Import resources into your Power BI models such as custom date tables (useful for models based on financial calendars).
  • Get human-friendly names for all the fields in the reports.
  • Get fields preformatted.

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