Canvas (Learning Management System) Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Canvas, one of the World's Fastest-Growing Learning Management Systems

Benefits of the eBECAS/Canvas integration

Accounts and Subaccounts

Whether you use a single account or a more complex set-up with multiple subaccounts, we can handle it.

Courses and Sections

Do you have sections in your courses for different cohorts? No problem, we can handle that too. Link or create new sections from eBECAS.


Create Canvas users for your students and teachers from eBECAS and notify them automatically. One or multiple at the same time, manually or automatically. It is up to you!


Enrol your students and teachers into the respective Canvas courses/section automatically. Just allocate the students and teachers to your class in eBECAS, and it will create the users and enrolments in Canvas for you.

Access your Canvas information from eBECAS

No need to switch between systems to access the information you need. Access the details of your Canvas users, enrolments and results from eBECAS.

Flexible Configuration

Customise your integration with a variate of settings available for multiple and different actions and processes.

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