Hosting, data backup and security statement

Equator Information Technology has 2 secure dedicated servers in Australian for our Australian eBECAS customers, 2 in Canada for Canadian Edmiss customers and one in the USA for our USA based customers. Our Australian dedicated servers are ISO27001:2005 certified. Document storage and backups are stored using Amazon Web Services S3 (AWS) in Australia, Canada and USA for each customer location respectively.

All our servers are patched up to latest anti-virus and are safeguarded via firewall and only selective ports are open to allow application access. Strong security policies are set up across all our servers and our servers are monitored continuously to identify any possible attack. Our systems and software are built up on latest Microsoft Technology and continuously updated with latest patch or upgrades.

All connections to our sites are SSH encoded (RSA 256-bit encryption), ensuring the data is encrypted between the server and the client accessing the system. Our Teacher, Student and Application portal sites are separate in IIS and eBECAS and Edmiss clients connect to our middleware with data exchanged from our middleware securely to each database. Only authenticated users are allowed to access the the system and the system checks the authentication for each request. All user login details are salted encrypted and stored in the separate databases.

eBECAS and Edmiss sites have high availability as we use locally based data centres in Australia, Canada and USA. The College databases are backed up every night and multiple backup copies are kept in multiple locations in AWS. Database nightly backups are kept for a month and then each month indefinitely. Documents and database backups are kept in AWS indefinitely. If a College wants to discontinue using eBECAS or Edmiss a backup copy of the database can be supplied for a small fee in text or csv delimited format only. The documents in AWS storage are supplied in a zipped format.